Piani Eterni from Val Canzoi and lunch at Malga Erera-Brendol

This loop-like hike allows you to admire some of the most striking scenery in our mountains and spot local fauna and flora that make up the protected area, under the aegis of the Belluno Dolomites National Park.

WARNING: this route is reserved for experienced hikers; it involves 900m of altitude difference.

The starting point is Lago della Stua at 640m above sea level: on the left you can glimpse the majestic elevation of Sass de Mura and, on the right, the other Vette Feltrine peaks. Leaving the car in the small car park before the lake in front of ‘Casa Boz’, we walk along the right bank of the reservoir.

At the end of the lake, after crossing a small bridge which lead us to the other bank, we come to a fork: we take CAI path 802 on the right. This was the warm-up, now the steep and steady climb begins: we follow the path of an old mule track that climbs through a magnificent beech forest up to an altitude of 1400 metres, where we come to a second fork. Here we take the path to the left, the Porzil shortcut. (We will return on the other path, the Pinea).

After half an hour, we reach a fork beyond which the beautiful Piani Eterni stretch out.

Photo by Yohan Bandet

A fairy-tale landscape opens up: an immense, flat pastureland that combines with the surrounding mountains. It is not uncommon to spot herds of chamois. A natural temple as yet unspoilt as there are not many left.

The backdrop to such wonderment are the two ancient shepherd’s cottages: the refreshment at Malga Erera Brendol is as authentic as delicious. You can also buy the excellent fresh dairy products produced here. (WARNING: the Malga is only open during the summer season, we advise you to call previously to make sure they are open, +39 0439 301067)